Traditional Marketing And Modern Marketing

About products’ market, no matter what kinds of products the manufacturers sell, they have to provide professional plans and management of market and marketing. This is because they have to promote their products, sell their products, let consumers understand and accept the products they produce. Sometimes these promotion ways are called advertising and marketing. Well, along with social development, traditional marketing gradually cannot completely adopt to the market and consumers’ mind. Certainly, subsequent modern marketing will enter into our sight and begin to be accepted by consumers, at the same time the manufacturers also like to use these new way to progress own business profits and business return. By this time let us discuss about traditional marketing and modern marketing.

Traditional Marketing Concept

At the first let us know about basic definition of traditional marketing concept. Traditional marketing concept is also called “old view”. The guiding ideology of marketing based on production and marketing. it is also a general term for production concepts and marketing concepts. It is a narrow and backward guiding ideology and the product of the marketing environment in which commodity production is underdeveloped, market supply is insufficient and competition is not fierce.


Modern Marketing Concept

Modern marketing concept is also called “new concept”. It is a comprehensive and advanced guiding ideology. With the development of commodity production, the prosperity of marketing and the emergence of an increasingly competitive marketing environment, it has fundamentally changed the marketing attitude and thinking mode of enterprises and pushed marketing activities to a new stage.


It is essentially different from traditional marketing concepts, mainly in the following aspects:


Different Marketing Emphasis

The focus of traditional marketing concept is product, and the focus of modern marketing concept is consumers.


Different Marketing Means

The means of traditional marketing concepts are production and marketing, the means of modern marketing concept is general marketing activities.


Different Business Experience

Traditional marketing: terminal advertising. It has a wide range of dissemination, rapid market start-up and easy to be recognized by customers, but it has high investment cost, slow repayment and high operational risk. Experiential marketing mode in modern marketing is mainly to make customers fully contact with products, and it does not generate more impulse to buy like conference marketing. The return rate of products is very low, and the recognition rate of consumers is still very high.


Different Marketing Modes

Traditional marketing: Media marketing. There are many forms and contents of advertisement publishing. According to the difference of advertisement publishing media, there are three main branches: advertorial mode for newspaper media, radio lecture mode for radio station, and feature film mode for TV. Modern marketing: database marketing. The concept of database marketing has been very mature in foreign countries. In fact, conference marketing also contains many essence of database marketing.


Different marketing methods

Traditional marketing: conference marketing. Face consumers directly, change consumers’ lives through product marketing and family marketing, and make use of the fish effect of the conference to produce explosive sales. The charm of this model remains. Modern marketing: network marketing. The essence of network marketing is a kind of operation of commercial information. Business information is the three element that can be decomposed into commodity information, transaction information and feeling information. Any kind of business exchange actually contains these three kinds of information.

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