The Famous Deserts in the World(I)

If someone ask me: What’s the meaning of traveling? I will tell him, the traveling itself is meaningless. But I will gain a lot in the travel. I pursue the blue sky and the flying sand, to walk into my deep heart, to feel. Today I will list some magnificent deserts, let’s start a journey […]

Nature Conservation

Nature, there are so many novelty and mysterious things being worthy to be discovered no matter new species of plants or animals, even some hidden geographic position never being found. However we have to protect nature before we research and discover it by using advanced tools and devices of human being. So by this time […]

Natural Landscape – Cloud Sea in China

Both of the natural aspects of landscapes in nature and man-made landscapes are called natural landscape. The landscapes in nature refer to the indirect, slight or occasional human impact of the original natural landscape has not changed its appearance significantly such as the polar region, mountain, desert, huge swamp, tropical rain forest and some nature […]

The Cricket Bug in Autumn

The cricket, is also called Gryllulus in Latin. It is very famous in Asia area, exact China. Certainly, In Japan sometimes they also catch and feed the crickets so that enjoy its tweet with beat. Till now the crickets around the world have 22 subfamilies, 55 families, 595 genera (including 17 fossil genera), about total […]