Preliminary discussion on the construction of teaching quality assurance system for master’s degree in agricultural mechanization and agricultural extension

  The development of agricultural mechanization cannot be separated from the construction of high-level talents, and the master of agricultural extension mainly cultivates high-level composite talents in the promotion and application of agricultural technology. Chinese universities are still at the exploration stage in the cultivation of master’s degree in agricultural extension, and need to be constantly […]

Improve the application system of agricultural machinery to speed up the pace of modern agriculture construction

  The application of modern agriculture and agricultural machinery makes agricultural production to the direction of mechanization, agricultural manual labor is significantly reduced, but inevitably there are some problems in the application process, can not properly play the role and value of modern agriculture and agricultural machinery, and has a negative impact on agricultural production, based […]

Strengthen the management of agricultural machinery, promote the healthy development of agricultural mechanization

  With the continuous development of science and technology in China, China’s agriculture has ushered in a new era, and the use of mechanization to improve the efficiency of agricultural production is a prevalent method in China, and in the future will also become the new development trend. Agricultural mechanization is important to improve the efficiency […]

Automotive electro-mechanical braking key technology research

Introduction The application of electro-mechanical braking technology can meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection while creating a safer platform for the development of automobiles, with information technology, automation technology and intelligent technology and other core technology solutions to provide security for the diversified development of the automotive industry. 1 Automotive electro-mechanical braking […]

Introduction to the application of control engineering in mechanical and electronic engineering

1Introduction In the background of the rapid growth of China’s economy and technology level, mechanical and electronic engineering has also been developed rapidly, and it is constantly developing in the direction of mechanization, diversification and intelligence. In this phenomenon, in mechanical and electronic engineering, control engineering has a more significant effect, people pay great attention […]

Research and discussion of mechanical design based on the development of automation

  1 The significance of mechanical automation design   1.1 Improving the quality of work   The application of automation technology can effectively improve the quality of machinery manufacturing, compared with the traditional mechanical design, mechanical automation design has a high degree of accuracy, stability and efficiency, mainly in the following aspects. First, mechanical automation design has changed […]

Pliable Cast Iron Pipe Fittings

For waste framework, Dinsen Impex Corp is obligated to supply SML cast iron lines and fittings. A large portion of our items are traded to European market like Germany, Norway, Sweden and so forth. JIANZHI is a line fittings provider that can give top caliber, stable cost and quick conveyance. Furrowed pipe fitting is a […]

Bangladeshi Automatic Brick Making Machine For Sale At Enticing Price

Pick our Daswell Machinery, you can partake in the chivalrous assistance, great top notch mechanized block making machine available and economical worth. Different port and transportation course will affect the programmed block making machine esteem. Customary upkeep can’t exclusively expand the machine administration life, yet what’s more reduced back your upkeep cost. To acquaint our […]

Channel Press Cloths

On the off chance that your maker isn’t recorded here, kindly reach us to talk about. At the principal production line in Hagen, Putsch® has been fabricating channel squeezes which use channel plates for some quite a while. The dry channel cake and a spotless fluid are the objective of any channel press administrator. This […]