The most of people like to watch sports’ match such as Athletics. These sports will make audiences excited and more attractive to this TV program. Athletics matches not only may help countries participated to gain medals as national honor around the world, but it is also important to enhance and lead all of people to join in doing the sports and build up a good physique and improve us health.

What is Athletics

Athletics, is also called track and field, is the full name of field events, track events and all-around competitions. Modern track and field sports are classified into different categories mainly including walking, running, jumping, throwing, and even Triathlon  composed by parts of event of running, jumping, jumping, throwing, a total of more than 40 items for Athletics.


In Athletics (track and field), the event in which the results are calculated by time, is called track and field competition; the event in which the results are calculated by height or distance, is called track and field competition; and the Triathlon is calculated by the score of each individual event according to the track and field score table.

Global History

In ancient time, people had to run a considerable distance, jump obstacles, throw stones and use a variety of hunting tools in order to get the means of livelihood in the struggle with nature and kinds of animals. Repetition of these movements in labor leads to various skills of walking, running, jumping and throwing. With the development of society, people consciously use walking, running, jumping and throwing as forms of practice and competition.


In 3500 BC, ancient Egyptian frescoes have depicted Athletics (track and field) scenes. Track and field competitions originated from the ancient Greek Panhellenic Games. The earliest athletics (track and field) competitions were held at the first ancient Olympic Games to be held in the Greek Olympic Village in 776 BC. There was only one event – the short-distance race, with a straight track of 192.27 meters.


By the 10th Olympic Games in 708 BC, it officially included long jump, discus, javelin and other field events. At that time, only men were allowed to participate and women could not even watch, and the violators were sentenced to death. Since then, athletics has been one of the official events.


In 490 B.C., it is said that the Greek soldier Pheidippides traveled about 40 kilometers from Marathon City to Athens, in order to report the good news that the Greek army had defeated the Persian army. When he ran to Athens, great Pheidippides was exhausted and died. for memory of him so the marathon race was established at that time.


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