New iPhone Lead You Difference

Recently, Apply company launched new iPhone such as iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs. Let us have a look what difference New iPhone send us?


Compare iPhone Screen

iPhone Xs Max,

6.5” Super Retina custom OLED Screen

2688*1242 Resolution

458pixels per inch


iPhone Xs

5.8” Super Retina custom OLED Screen

2436×1125 Resolution

458pixels per inch


The Super Retina Display, two masterpieces came together for every loyal users. Through well-tailored, the most color-accurate OLED display in the industry already have been equipped with on the iPhone, supporting HDR displays and can true black. Among them iPhone XS Max has the largest display screen of iPhone so far as 6.5 inches.

HDR10 and Super Stereo Sound

The iPhone XS and iPhone Xs Max give you a stunning viewing experience due to its support for Dolby’s vision and HDR10, adding a wider stereo playback effect. Meanwhile the dynamic range of your HDR photos will be increased by 60 percents, even the photos taken before.

A Higher Level for Water Proof

The smartphone has adopted the most durable glass panel on iPhone so far. the surgical grade stainless steel frame and band is accurate-fitted and tightly sealed, casting a more waterproof body. The longest stay in the water up to 2 meters about 30 minutes. IPhone XS is not afraid of the spills and invasion of liquids from coffee, tea or soda. Its highlight of water proof is up to IP68 rated.

Highlight Feature for China Users

These two iPhone also provide the highest storage capacity of 512GB, giving you more space to expand. Meanwhile aiming to China, iPhone XS Max supports Dual SIM Cards, giving you more choices to bring more convenience to your work and life. In addition, even if the power is low enough till shut down automatically, you can still use the spare power in your iPhone to continue to use the express transport card to take the subway and the commute of bus.



Smart A12 Bionic

This is the smartest and most powerful chip in the history of iPhone, with our new generation of neural engine. It can bring you excellent augmented reality effect, beautiful portrait photos with depth control function, at the same time let all aspects of the use of experience are more faster and fluid.

Leading Dual-camera System

The popular camera in the world is bringing photography to a new era. Innovative sensor units, image signal processors, and neural engines work together to make your pictures more vividness.

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