Strengthen the management of agricultural machinery, promote the healthy development of agricultural mechanization

  With the continuous development of science and technology in China, China’s agriculture has ushered in a new era, and the use of mechanization to improve the efficiency of agricultural production is a prevalent method in China, and in the future will also become the new development trend. Agricultural mechanization is important to improve the efficiency of rural production, reduce agricultural productivity and so on.

At present, one of the main reasons hindering the development of China’s agricultural mechanization is not in place for the management, and only a full understanding of the current management problems, and to improve the strategy for the source of the problem, in order to really speed up the development of mechanization, to promote China’s agriculture to a new height.

  The development trend of agricultural machinery management and significance

  China is a large agricultural country, so agricultural production in China’s economy plays a particularly important role, it not only has a direct impact on China’s food security and the people’s diet, but also an important guarantee for the survival of our farmers, so improve the efficiency of agricultural production and promote the development of agricultural mechanization is the main trend in the future.

At present, China’s agricultural machinery has been widely used, in which the development of small agricultural machinery has a very bright future, and the use of large machinery is gradually increasing.

In addition, agricultural machinery management also occupies an important position for the development of China’s agriculture, which can effectively improve production efficiency and promote the increase in agricultural production and the healthy development of agricultural mechanization. Now mechanization has quietly entered the homes of millions of farmers, good management is very necessary, not only to optimize the rural labor force, improve the efficiency of agricultural operations, but also can greatly promote the flourishing of technologies related to agricultural machinery manufacturing.

  The current problems in the management of China’s agricultural machinery

  1. Product market positioning is not clear.

At present, China’s product market, the prospect of agricultural machinery products is very broad, but its market positioning is very vague, part of the agricultural machinery, although located in the medium and large markets, but some of its functional deficiencies are difficult to meet the needs of medium and large markets.

In addition, some small agricultural machinery in the customer base is more biased toward farmers, but its selling price is some unreasonable, while the function does not really meet the needs of farmers, there are many problems.

  2. Agricultural machinery products are expensive.

Because of the current construction technology of China’s agricultural machinery is still generally backward, resulting in the cost of agricultural machinery is generally high, and its selling price has become expensive.

And now China’s farmers and some farms income level is not very high, for some expensive machinery products do not have the ability to buy, while having a consumer demand, often buy some relatively cheap low-quality alternatives, these are serious impact on the sale of agricultural machinery, inhibiting the development of agricultural machinery.

  3. The technical level of agricultural machinery products is not high.

At present, because China’s attention to agricultural machinery is not enough, resulting in technology research and development has always been in a backward state, the technical level of agricultural machinery products is low, can not meet the needs of the high-end market.

In addition, the research and development of agricultural machinery products are not enough personnel and funds, resulting in the development of a very slow pace, seriously hampering the further expansion of the agricultural machinery market.

  4. Defects in the product service system.

In China’s existing agricultural machinery product service system, the use of agricultural machinery equipment has a big problem. There are geographical limitations in the use of equipment, the use rate of agricultural machinery and equipment in the east of China is much higher than in the central and western parts of China; at the same time, there is a fault in the promotion of agricultural machinery products, most areas are still using traditional tools for agricultural production, the unreasonable promotion system leads to the new situation is slow to open;.

In addition, the services of government departments and the development of agricultural machinery technology is not coordinated, specifically the lack of grass-roots government manpower, some government staff with low overall quality, resulting in the inability to provide good supporting services for modern agricultural production, which seriously inhibits the development of agricultural machinery technology.

 Measures related to the promotion of China’s agricultural machinery management

  1. Find the right market positioning and reduce the market price.

At present, one of the main reasons for impeding the further expansion of China’s agricultural machinery for market positioning is not clear, so the relevant manufacturers should be in accordance with the actual needs of customers, the corresponding mechanical product development, so that mechanical products really meet the needs of users. At the same time to set up a good overall layout of agricultural machinery products in the market, to ensure the accuracy and rationality of market positioning and layout. In addition, for the current phenomenon of agricultural machinery products pricing is too high, but also to make corresponding improvements.

First of all, the relevant departments should try to reduce the research and development costs of machinery products, good management of the research and development process, optimize the research and development structure, and further strengthen the practicality of the product. At the same time, the manufacturing process of mechanical products for appropriate optimization, improve the production efficiency of manufacturing, so as to reduce unnecessary cost expenditures, and the relevant sales departments, to establish direct sales channels, to avoid price fluctuations caused by intermediate links, so as to effectively improve the selling price of products, to promote the further expansion of agricultural machinery products and improve rural production efficiency.

  2. Strengthen the promotion and development of products.

For the promotion of agricultural machinery products, to push advanced equipment into the production and application of agriculture, so as to promote the automation of China’s agricultural production process, so strengthen the promotion and development of products, for agricultural machinery management has a very important significance. Agricultural machinery management personnel, to achieve timely understanding of the industry, master the current market of advanced equipment, and timely promotion of regional agricultural development, while strengthening the quality of training for management personnel, regular training business, to achieve timely updating of knowledge.

Agricultural machinery managers should also broaden the promotion of ways to build a comprehensive agricultural machinery network platform, make full use of Internet technology, increase the publicity of agricultural machinery, so that more people understand it, and can use the Internet platform to carry out education and training activities.

  3. speed up innovation investment, improve the technical level of agricultural machinery products.

Improve the level of agricultural machinery technology is an effective measure to improve the current agricultural machinery environment, only the level of technology to improve the efficiency of agricultural production can be improved, so in the process of technology development, not only to increase investment in research and development funds, but also should hire highly skilled personnel to carry out innovative research and development.

In addition, the ultimate purpose of agricultural machinery products is to serve farmers, so the product development process, as far as possible, according to their needs, targeted research, so that agricultural machinery can be better integrated with agricultural production, and through product innovation and research, really solve the fundamental problems of farmers, promote productivity, and promote the pace of development of agriculturalization in China.

  4. Implement technology promotion and practice agricultural mechanization operation.

To develop the agricultural industry, we must optimize the industrial structure and organically combine the agricultural machinery technology with the agricultural production process. Therefore, the agricultural machinery department should work with the extension department to conduct a full investigation of farmers’ production, and increase support from the perspective of innovation to ensure better integration of agricultural production and machinery, and solve the restrictive problems for the development of agricultural machinery. Promote structural adjustment, the establishment of a scientific and rational structure of the socialization of machinery.

With the speed of China’s agricultural development, agricultural machinery must be comprehensively improved to adapt to today’s development trend. Increase the training for professional talents, actively introduce advanced equipment, carry out agricultural machinery compound operation, and promote the process of agricultural mechanization. In addition, we can also develop mechanized information services for agricultural machinery production, vigorously develop advanced technologies such as precise operation, rural visualization and digital remote, disaster prevention and weather prediction, and provide farmers with high-quality information resources. Only by allowing farmers to spontaneously purchase economic and environmentally friendly, advanced and safe low-carbon agricultural machinery equipment can we achieve the ultimate goal of optimizing the agricultural industrial structure.


  To sum up, there are still great problems in the management of China’s current agricultural mechanization, the market positioning is not clear, the selling price of agricultural machinery products is too high, the technical level can not reach, etc. seriously restrict the development of China’s agricultural level, even though the current growth rate of China’s agricultural machinery is growing, but these problems are still in urgent need of improvement.

To achieve the healthy development of agricultural mechanization, we must use a variety of comprehensive measures to further optimize the industrial structure of China’s agricultural machinery management, while increasing the financial investment in technological innovation, training high-end personnel with comprehensive quality, reduce the production costs of agricultural equipment, to reduce the effect of selling prices, so that agricultural machinery products for the production of agriculture to provide a constant impetus. Only through the management of agricultural machinery and innovation, in order to effectively improve production efficiency and promote agricultural machinery to a new level.

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