Roller guide versus ball guide

Sliding rail incorporates fixed rail, dynamic rail, sliding part, fixed rail, dynamic rail set associated, sliding part is situated between fixed rail, dynamic rail, fixed at the lower part of the proper rail with a card part; sliding part is furnished with rollers on various surfaces; damper is given spring box, card snare; side plate comprises of side group, support part, support part is situated at the lower part of the side pack, its backside is furnished with a roller outline, roller outline is given rollers. Star item: DTC equipment fittings. The utility model draws without a hitch, the end interaction is uniform, quiet, no effect, viable, it can understand the cabinet can be shut gradually under the activity of regardless of how much pushing power, no crash between the cabinet and the proper casing will happen, to guarantee that the things in the cabinet are not harmed.

To clean the aide rails kindly get ready – dry cotton material, oil. The aide rail of the etching machine is separated into straight aide rail and roller guide rail. Straight aide cleaning: first move the laser head to the extreme right (or left), track down the direct aide, wipe with a dry cotton material until brilliant and sans dust, then, at that point, add a little ointment (can utilize sewing machine oil, don’t utilize machine oil), the laser head will be gradually pushed around a couple of times, so the grease can be equally circulated. Cleaning of the roller guide: Move the bar to within, open the end cover on the two sides of the machine, observe the aide, wipe the region where the aide and the roller address the two sides with a dry cotton fabric, then, at that point, move the bar and clean the leftover region.

The steel balls or tightened rollers in the rollers’ moving component course and the guideway are not in direct contact, which well forestalls toxins on the guideway from coming into contact with the moving component, while the heading have great fixing properties to keep airborne impurities from entering and coming into contact with the moving component.
V sort roller and V sort guide contact has a place with the line contact, this line and the roller’s focal pivot diagonal, around the focal hub of fast revolution; this line and V sort guide surface contact has a place with the prompt contact, high velocity near the aide surface, quick contact, and afterward rapid away; thusly, through the V kind roller “line” continually on the aide surface “scratching”, can guarantee the neatness of the aide surface.

Roller guides enjoy the accompanying benefits.
Appropriate for use in brutal conditions: the moving body of the bearing in the roller, and the aide isn’t in direct contact, while the bearing has great fixing; HEPCO’s V-guide innovation makes the V-roller through the “scratching” development, you can scratch residue, chips and different pollutants from the V-rail surface, to keep the V-rail surface clean. This is great for use in brutal conditions. china CARRIER ROLLER This is on the grounds that in unforgiving workplaces it is hard for brushes or scrubbers to forestall soil, chips and other little foreign substances from entering the slider. The pollutions that enter within the slider will build the power ready, in this way speeding up the wear of the ball, which not just influences the perfection and precision of the ball guide development, yet in addition incredibly abbreviates the existence of the ball guide.
Quicker direct speed: V-rollers in the V-rail surface rolling, can arrive at an extremely high straight speed, up to 8m/s.
Diminished exactness prerequisites of the establishment reference: a V-roller in the V-directed roller guide framework is identical to a slider of the ball guide, the contact between the V-roller and the V-guide surface is simply comparable to the contact between 1 steel ball and the aide surface; this incredibly decreases the precision necessities of the establishment reference surface and saves time and exertion for get together.
Lower upkeep and substitution costs: V-directed roller guide framework, you can supplant destroyed aides or rollers exclusively, no compelling reason to supplant them all; in the field, through the change of the unusual roller, you can without much of a stretch change and get the required preload. Accordingly, the roller guideways are more affordable to keep up with and supplant.
Longer help life: the roller guide has a significantly longer life than the roller orientation, by and large, just the rollers should be supplanted and afterward the erratic distance of the capricious roller is changed in accordance with get the required preload. Ball guide, regardless of whether it is ball or guide wear somewhat later, to guarantee the use of the required preload or freedom, are needed to change the entire set. As a rule, the track is the longest-lived part in the entire direct movement framework; assuming the utilization of ball guides, change the slider should change the track; for roller guides in great working condition, it is feasible to change just the rollers.
Basic rack and pinion guide: direct aide, can be cut straightforwardly on the aide with straight or diagonal teeth; round guide, can cut the inward or external stuff ring; for this situation, it isn’t important to plan one more arrangement of stuff drive framework. For ball guides, there is regularly a need to plan one more arrangement of stuff drive frameworks.
Assuming your application has these necessities, then, at that point, the utilization of the V-guide innovation of the roller guide is your right decision; can be broadly utilized in production line robotization, like bracket robot, used to accomplish programmed stacking and dumping, programmed material dealing with and different capacities:.
With the nonstop extension of China’s electric power industry, information correspondence industry, metropolitan rail travel industry, car industry and shipbuilding and different enterprises, the interest for guide rails will likewise develop quickly, and the future aide rail industry has incredible potential for advancement. Guide rails, straight tomahawks quick and simple to U robotization choice has been incorporated. Guide rail, direct hub as one of the center parts of the hardware, it is to assume a directing and supporting part. To guarantee that the machine has a high handling exactness, the necessities of its aide rail, direct has a serious level of direction precision and great perfection of development. During the activity of the gear, as the handled parts in the handling will deliver a lot of destructive residue and smoke, for example, these smoke and residue stored in enormous amounts on the outer layer of the aide rail, direct pivot for quite a while, the handling precision of the hardware has an incredible effect, and will frame carving focuses on the outer layer of the aide rail straight hub, shortening the assistance life of the gear. To make the machine work typically and consistently and guarantee the handling nature of the items, the day by day upkeep of the aide rails and direct tomahawks ought to be done cautiously.

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