What you need to know when travel to Malaysia

Well, travel is always the good action that make you feel comfortable and relax. The most of people like it because you may know different and fresh, novelty things through it. Certainly, a lot of tropical areas such as Southeast Asia are good choice for every traveller who plan to enjoy beach and sunshine. Meanwhile, I recommend you about Malaysia, a not bad country is really suitable for travelling when you career winter in your domestic. You may feel stronger sunshine and UV to make your skin turning black, and you also can feel different cuisine culture, religious culture and natural environment when you travel to Malaysia. However, there are something you have to know before you travel to Malaysia.

Easy to go

Flight to Malaysia, AirAsia always welcome everyone. Its low cost ticket fee will help you save a lot of money. Perhaps this type of airplanes are a little bit small, but we ensure good service may help you to change your mind.

Taxi fares

Cool, during Malaysia there are three kinds of races such as Malay, Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian. If you are stranger or oversea guest as first time in Malaysia, please be careful to choose taxi as words of wisdom. We suggest that you may ask Malaysian Chinese to drive you normally as fare taxi fee to be charged by them. But it does not mean others are all bad, at least this is more safe choice.

Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik is the food culture in Malaysia and is derived from Indian culture. Actually we also think about it as Milk Tea because its main material are red tea and condensed milk. At the first, to filter the red tea then mix red tea with condensed milk together. Finally, preparing two cups and pouring into relative cup by two cups you have prepared and repeat this action. More frothy means more delicious.

Duty Free islands

There is the famous island named LangKawi in Malaysia. This is the Duty free island. When you travel to this island, you have to go inside by plane then you need to stay more than 3 days before you go out because of governmental terms for this island travel. So what difference in this island? So many tax-free commodities you may buy by bargain price through this island. For example, 10 Ringgit ($2.9) beer/per bottle only is sold as 2 Ringgit ($0.58) in the island.


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