Tom Yam Soup in Thailand(I)

Tom Yam Soup is a sour and hot soup with distinctive characteristics in Thailand and Laos. Also known as Dongyan soup (in Chinese), it is very common in Thailand. The main ingredients are lemon leaves, citronella, shrimp and so on. Well, expect to taste Tom Yam Soup cooked by yourself? I will teach you about recipe. In Thai restaurants or home of commoners, they often drink this soup, thus becoming the representative of Thai cuisine. It is also very popular in other Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Brief of Tom Yam Soup

The main ingredient is Thai lemon, which is a unique flavoring fruit in Southeast Asia.Click Here For More.

Another condiment is fish sauce, which is similar to soy sauce, also known as fish soy sauce. It is a common condiment in Guangdong, Fujian and other places in China. It is a common aquatic condiment in Fujian, Chaozhou and Southeast Asian cuisine. It originated in Fujian and Chaoshan, Guangdong and other places. It was spread from early overseas Chinese to Vietnam and other East Asian countries. The spicy soup comes from Thai Chaotian pepper, one of the hottest peppers in the world. Other condiments include curry sauce, lemon grass, shrimp sauce, fish sauce and so on, from mild to extremely hot.


1.5 tbsp of Tom Yam Sauce, fresh prawns, fresh straw mushrooms, ginger, citronella grass, green lemon, mint leaves, fragrant leaves, red pepper, fish sauce, olive oil, coconut milk, a little salt.


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