The Famous Deserts in the World(I)

If someone ask me: What’s the meaning of traveling? I will tell him, the traveling itself is meaningless. But I will gain a lot in the travel. I pursue the blue sky and the flying sand, to walk into my deep heart, to feel.

Today I will list some magnificent deserts, let’s start a journey of the heart now.

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert was formed about 2.5 million years ago. It is the second largest desert in the world after Antarctica. It covers an area of 9.06 million square kilometers and is the world’s largest sandy desert. Located in the north of Africa, the region has very bad weather conditions and is one of the worse places on earth for living.

But it is such a bad place, but the famous ancient Egyptian civilization was born. Egypt, in the Sahara Desert and the Nile Valley, has left countless puzzles that have puzzled scholars around the world today. Of course, just because these real and imaginative legends that have made countless visitors stunned.

Although Egypt is located next to the Sahara Desert, Egypt’s numerous tourist resources and adequate tourist reception facilities are fully capable of meeting the needs of all types of people. From backpackers to honeymoon couples, from short-lived business travellers to long-term scientific expeditions, Egypt can basically solve the demand that can be raised, absolutely not affected by the harsh environment of the desert. Of course, traveling to Egypt is not just about good condition of accommodation, because the history and culture here is truly a place full of infinite charm. From Alexandria to Cairo, from the Pyramids to the Sphinx, from the ancient city of Thebes to the Whale Canyon… countless monuments that contain human wisdom and civilization are amazing. Numerous colorful tourism projects will definitely make you full of harvest. Of course, if a few people want to go deep into the Sahara Desert to explore, be sure to ask for professional guidance and adequate preparation of all kinds of supplies for the unexpected. In short, Egypt and Sarah are a must-see for a lifetime. As the propaganda said, ”this is the place where everything begins”.

Uluru-Kata national park

If you go to Australia, and you only go to Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef, and you missed Uluru National Park, you will miss so many valuable things. Uluru National Park is located in the heart of Australia and is the birthplace of Australian civilization. The most famous here is the world’s largest independent rock with a length of 9 kilometers and an altitude of 867 meters – the Ayers Rock, and “Uluru” is the Australian aboriginal name for this sacred rock. This red sacred stone is at the heart of the desert, and I really have to sigh the wonders of nature.

There is a world-famous place that called ”131° resort”, it is formed by 15 luxurious tents. Expect to underwater diving in Australia, there is also Uluru with unique style, so called ”Australia, with all different things”.

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