Research and discussion of mechanical design based on the development of automation

  1 The significance of mechanical automation design

  1.1 Improving the quality of work

  The application of automation technology can effectively improve the quality of machinery manufacturing, compared with the traditional mechanical design, mechanical automation design has a high degree of accuracy, stability and efficiency, mainly in the following aspects.

First, mechanical automation design has changed the traditional single manufacturing process. In the actual manufacturing production, mechanical automation design can convert manufacturing measurement and manufacturing evaluation data information into digital information, so that the analysis and processing of these digital information, the accuracy of automated mechanical design greatly reduces the accumulation of errors in the mechanical manufacturing process, and effectively improve the level of information analysis of processing parameters in mechanical manufacturing.

Second, in the enterprise for mass production, mechanical automation design can make each link in mechanical production with higher clarity and specificity, so as to improve the overall quality and efficiency of mechanical production, and greatly reduce the chance of “accumulated error value”.

  1.2 Improve the quality of production

  Due to the accuracy and stability of automation technology itself, it can fully control the various production aspects of mechanical production, and detailed monitoring of the production of safety data, if the monitoring of the wrong data and information, will quickly occur to alert and modify the perfect, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of mechanical manufacturing production, and improve the quality of mechanical manufacturing production.

Its main performance in the following aspects: in the traditional mechanical production is mainly the use of manual operation, in the actual mechanical production is easy to appear due to improper manual operation and the formation of safety risks, mechanical automation design is a good solution to such problems, and to a certain extent, automation technology has a safety warning function, in the case of production errors, mechanical automation design in the The safety system will issue an alarm. In the process of production, mechanical automation design can make detailed predictions of the mechanical production process, thus greatly reducing the chances of mechanical production accidents.

  1.3 Improved resource utilization

  Mechanical automation design can effectively achieve energy saving in the process of machinery manufacturing, thus comprehensively improving the recycling rate of production resources. In the actual machining, automated production technology can refine each production link in machinery manufacturing production, and the effective treatment of residual materials, to achieve “waste to treasure” resource reuse, so as to achieve the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

On the other hand, the energy saving in machinery manufacturing production greatly reduces the cost of raw materials and increases the profit of enterprises. In addition, mechanical automation design in the actual production of raw materials can be processed and cut, reducing the consumption of labor, thereby maximizing the economic benefits of enterprises and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.

  2 Mechanical design based on the development of automation

  2.1 Mechanical automation control system

  Mechanical automation control system is to analyze and explore the theory of mechanical automation with digital model as the premise and basis, and describe the results of the output and input quantities of mechanical production through digital technology, so as to complete the design of mechanical automation control system.

The mechanical automation design can be constructed and expressed using calculus equations, as shown in the figure below.

This figure shows a mechanical automation system for lead hammer translation using a mass block, a damper and several springs. The position of the mass block is the coordinate origin of the whole mechanical motion, and the mass block moves upward along the X-axis under the action of external force, and the coordinates of the mass block’s movement are x(t). The schematic diagram of mechanical automatic operation is designed by using D’Alembert’s principle, and its calculus is expressed as Mx(t) + Bx(t) + kx(t) = f(t), and the sliding of f(t) on the damper, the resistance value on the damper will change accordingly If the spring coefficient changes, making the resistance value will also change, resulting in the output x (t) value will also change, the relevant function, it can be seen that the mass of the damping value in the damper and the spring coefficient and the movement of F (t) show the opposite trend.

As a result, we can learn the coordinates of the motion of the mass at its location when it is in equilibrium, the magnitude of the damping value in the damper and the relative motion in an opposite trend.

  2.2 Mechanical automation system application

  Due to the continuous development and growth of science and technology, machinery manufacturing production to carry out continuous innovation and reform to adapt to the development of the times on the level of production requirements.

In this regard, the machinery manufacturing industry to fully implement the automated production model, the construction of a perfect and efficient mechanical automation control system, further implementation of automation technology, so as to promote the rapid development of modern machinery production.

At present, some foreign developed countries have established an effective mechanical automation system in the production of mechanical automation. From the point of view of industrialized production, mechanical automation design should start from various aspects of the design structure more to form a complete automation set structure, so as to promote the integration and modularization of mechanical automation production.

Analysis from the existing machinery manufacturing, should be fully combined with their own economic model to determine the convenience and stability of mechanical automation system design, so as to provide an important guarantee for our national economy and modernization services.

  3 The future outlook of mechanical design based on the development of automation

  3.1 The development of virtualization of mechanical automation design

  In the traditional machinery manufacturing production, mainly for the production of products for the drawing design, and then according to the drawing to the production of finished products, assembly, testing and testing, so as to complete the entire product design and production. The biggest drawback of this traditional manufacturing production method is the long development cycle, product testing and inspection requires professional equipment and competent personnel to implement, greatly increasing the production costs of enterprises.

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology and computer technology and Internet technology gradually become more and more mature, people can work through computer technology to simulate the operation, and use modern Internet technology to receive and output data and information, breaking the limitations of time and space to communicate and cooperate.

  3.2 Digital development of mechanical automation design

  The digital development of mechanical automation design is the core and key to the realization of automation technology. Digital manufacturing is a product of modern technology and manufacturing technology as well as scientific management.

From the perspective of machinery manufacturing enterprises, the data and knowledge and various skills in the core technology of the enterprise are taken in digital form using the network for the output and transmission within the enterprise, and through digital technology for the collection and organization of information and data. The information of enterprise products is organized and analyzed under the role of digital technology such as enterprise database and multimedia technology, so as to realize enterprise product design and production and meet the diversified product demands of customers.

From the perspective of global manufacturing, users can publish and collect information through Internet technology, and individual enterprises can also use e-commerce in the Internet to cooperate and complement each other’s advantages according to their own needs, forming a dynamic automated production alliance to jointly cooperate in designing and manufacturing high-quality products to achieve a win-win situation of common development.

  3.3 The concept of green is mainly a synonym for behavior in the field of environmental protection, but also an important way to harmonize the development of society and nature.

  Human society is essentially a part of nature and can neither be separated from nor break the whole. Therefore, the green concept should be carried through the whole manufacturing production in the mechanical automation manufacturing production, so that it becomes the product of green manufacturing.

  4 Conclusion

  The article through the analysis of mechanical design based on the development of automation, let the reader realize that machinery manufacturing is an important industrial support for China’s economic development, to a certain extent, affects the level of economic development in China. Automation technology not only effectively enhances the quality of machinery manufacturing, but also improves the efficiency of machinery manufacturing, thus effectively improving the core competitiveness of enterprises in the economic market, promoting the long-term development of enterprises while also ensuring the health and stability of China’s manufacturing industry.

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