Mechanical channel press to treat wastewater activity and precautionary measures

Press the channel plate: Turn on the power, turn over the engine and press the channel plate of the channel press. Note that prior to squeezing the channel plate, check the quantity of channel plates, which should meet the necessities of the guidelines, and that there is no unfamiliar matter staying between the fixing surfaces of the channel plates, and that the channel material is level on the channel plate without wrinkles.
Pressure-holding: mechanical squeezing to arrive at the tension of the channel press.
Taking care of and filtration: After entering the strain holding state, check the opening and shutting status of the pipeline valves and begin the taking care of siphon subsequent to affirming that there is no mistake, and the fluid will enter each channel chamber through the taking care of openings on the plug plate and channel under the predetermined strain to step by step shape the channel cake. During the taking care of interaction, focus on the progressions in filtrate and taking care of strain. Note that the water level of the feed siphon should be typical and the taking care of cycle ought to be constant so the feed openings are not obstructed and the tension differential causes the channel plate to break. Whenever the filtrate streams out leisurely and the cake pressure comes to over 5 kg, close the feed siphon.
Relax the channel plate to empty the channel cake: turn on the power, turn over the engine, release the tension plate and empty the channel cake.
Cleaning and completing the channel material: Clean the channel fabric consistently. While cleaning and completing the channel fabric, you ought to painstakingly check whether the channel material is harmed, regardless of whether the feed opening and fluid outlet opening are obstructed, and cautiously check the feed port each time you feed the material to abstain from causing pressure contrast and bringing about harm to the channel plate.

Focus on: changes in water level and oil level of the feed siphon; changes in oil level of the gearbox of the channel press.

Utilization of the plate and edge channel press

1 Installation and appointing of the hardware

1、Design the pre-covered openings as indicated by the size of the balance given by the provider, and utilize two grouting techniques.

2、Sufficient space should be left around the channel press to work with activity and support.

3、The channel press should be put evenly on the floor, and the back top plate ought to be fixed to the establishment with a balance screw. (Note: The foot screw is by and large fixed uniquely to the back top plate, on the grounds that the pulling stem is twisted downwards because of the strain of the plate outline, and when the channel press is squeezed, the pulling stem is fixed, subsequently delivering a limited quantity of uprooting, and assuming the two finishes are fixed simultaneously, it may not be squeezed firmly or the casing might be harmed.)

4、The material and detail of the channel not entirely settled by the material to be separated, strain and temperature, and appropriate channel fabric ought to be chosen.

5、The plate and edge ought to be flawlessly released on the edge as indicated by the prerequisites, and the handled channel fabric ought to be perfectly arranged on the channel plate, focusing on the comparing taking care of openings and flushing openings between the channel plates.

6、Turn on the power and check assuming it is generally expected. For mechanical transmission, check whether the engine is in forward and invert turn as required, regardless of whether the oil in the minimizer box and head oil cup is full, and wastewater filter press whether the greasing up oil of the screw and stuff is very much added. For water powered transmission, check whether the sound of stuff siphon activity is ordinary, regardless of whether there is spillage in the pressure driven framework, and whether the cylinder bar is smooth in and out.

2 Operating methodology of the plate and casing channel press

2.1 Operation technique for the channel press

Pre-filtration examination

  1. Before activity, check the gulf and outlet pipelines, regardless of whether there is spillage or blockage in the association, whether the pipelines and the plate edge and channel material of the channel press are kept clean, and whether the fluid bay siphon and the valves are ordinary.
  2. Check whether the association parts, fasteners and nuts of the casing are free and ought to be changed and fixed whenever, and regardless of whether the overall moving parts are very much greased up, whether the oil level of the minimizer and nut oil cup is set up, and whether the engine is typical in forward and switch pivot.

Plan for filtration

  1. Turn on the outer power supply, press the button of the activity box, make the engine switch, return the center top plate to the fitting position, and afterward press the stop button.
  2. Hang the perfect channel fabric on the two sides of the channel plate and adjust the material openings, the channel material should be bigger than the fixing surface of the channel plate, the fabric openings should not be bigger than the line openings, and smoothing should not be permitted to have collapsing so as not to release the evening, the plate outline should be conveniently adjusted, and the request for the washing type channel plate should not be put off-base.
  3. Press the positive pivot button on the activity box to make the center top plate press the channel plate, and press the stop button when a specific current is reached.


  1. Open the power source valve of the filtrate, begin the feed siphon and step by step open the feed valve to change the return valve, contingent upon the filtration speed pressure slowly increment, for the most part not more than 0.6MPa, toward the start, the filtrate is frequently turbid, then, at that point, turn clear. Assuming there is an enormous spillage between the channel plates, the top fixing power of the top plate can be expanded fittingly, but since of the hairlike peculiarity of the channel material, there is as yet a modest quantity of filtrate spilling out, which is a typical peculiarity and can be gotten by the plate bowl stockpiling.
  2. screen the sifted fluid, observed turbid, open stream type can close the valve, keep on separating, for example, dull stream should stop to supplant the harmed channel fabric, when the material is sifted or the crate in the channel slag has been full can not keep on separating, or at least, a separating end.

End of filtration

  1. Quit working the feed siphon and close the feed valve.
  2. Press the engine turning around button while releasing the slag to make the center top plate withdraw.
  3. Empty the channel buildup and flush the channel material, channel plate and channel outline, stack them flawlessly to forestall disfigurement of the plate and edge, or put them in the channel press to forestall deformity by squeezing the top plate, wash the site and scour the casing, keep the edge and site slick and spotless, remove the outer power supply, and finish the entire filtration work.

2.2 Filter press working methodology

  1. The quantity of channel plates put on all particulars of the channel press ought not be not exactly the number determined on the nameplate, and the squeezing pressure, feed pressure, press tension and feed temperature ought not surpass the reach indicated in the manual. The water driven oil ought to be supplanted on schedule assuming the channel material is harmed. The water driven oil ought to be supplanted once in the final part of the year in an overall climate, and once in 1-3 months in a dusty climate, and all pressure driven parts, for example, chambers and oil tanks ought to be cleaned.

2, mechanical channel press transmission parts of the fiber pole, fiber mother, bearing, shaft chamber and pressure driven sort mechanical sort pulley shaft ought to be loaded up with fluid greasing up oil 2-3 times for each shift, rigorously taboo to wipe dry calcium-put together oil ointment with respect to the fiber pole, stringently prohibited to begin the squeezing activity again in the squeezing state, and stringently illegal to change the current hand-off boundaries freely.

3, water driven channel press in crafted by the chamber after the forbiddance of staff stay or pass, squeezing or return should be monitored activity, the water driven parts will not be with no obvious end goal in mind acclimated to forestall pressure misfortune brought about by gear harm or jeopardize individual wellbeing.

4、The fixing surface of the channel plate should be spotless and without wrinkle, the channel plate ought to be pulled vertical and conveniently with the fundamental shaft, not one side of the front and one side of the back, any other way the squeezing activity will not be begun. It is totally illegal to place the head and appendages into the channel plate during the method involved with pulling the plate to empty the slag. The air in the oil chamber should be depleted.

  1. All channel plate bays should be cleared to try not to obstruct and harming the channel plate. The channel fabric ought to be cleaned on schedule.

6、The electric control box should be kept dry and a wide range of electrical machines are denied to be flushed with water. The channel press should have an establishing wire to forestall short out and spillage.

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