How To Be A Good Trade Platform

Nowadays, the most of online business models should be two categories such as B2C (Business to Client) trade platform and B2B (Business to Business) trade platform. But between B2C and B2B trade platforms there are some quite different points to marketing your customers and operate your website. No matter which modes of trade platform, the final target should be profit to be gained and enhance its website’s brand recognition and popularity. Certainly, after various of widespread, advertisement and marketing, and related campaign through platforms, our purpose is about good business return and customers retention as well. So how to be a good trade platform, and how could be prominent during hundreds of thousands of trade platforms.

B2C Trade Platform

B2C is one kind of form of marketing. Certainly, there are many of way to marketing your customers through B2C model, but your customers should be individual consumers or retail to your consumers (end customer). and B2C trade platform is one online platform or website to realize model of business to client. The most of individual consumers will spend time on your website and choose and buy what they want. By following the methods below to make your B2C trade platform (B2C E-commerce platform) with good profits.


  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the strategic marketing way to attract customers and retain clients by creating and distributing related, coherent and valuable and worthy information. Certainly, the purpose is to drive customers’ buying from website.


  1. Search Engine Optimization

Actually this is very simple ways to a lot of online trade platforms. Meanwhile, it will help platform or website to enhance own products’ rank through Search Engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Customers may find out high ranking site or products page after that, and attract customers to click on it and boost buying chance. So some tips of SEO for B2C trade platform.

  • Utilizing JavaScript to text links
  • Keyword and title tag
  • Attractive headline as necessary
  • Basic Meta description


  1. Social Media Marketing

This is very important tools to help your website as well known during so many B2C trade platforms. Now there are so many famous social media platforms such as Facebook. Twitter, Pintrest and on on.

B2B Trade Platform

B2B trade platform, normally it is as service platform between suppliers of related products and buyers such as distributors, retailers or purchases of supermarket and department store. The most of buyers are not end customers because the B2B model is the most like wholesale. There are some methods to improve your B2B website


  1. Try to know about your target customers.
  2. Quality products and good products description are essential.
  3. Navigation function is very important to be built through your website.
  4. Social media platforms are very useful for your B2B marketing.
  5. Mobile device is also the way to prompt your website and be convenient to buyers.
  6. Corresponding advertisement through Google, Bing and Yahoo so that oversea buyers know about it.


There is a classic B2B trade platform in China as sinosources with good operation and management, now it has been great and famous trade platform around East Europe, Southeast Asia and other areas around the world.

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