Educational Reform Should be Started from the Parental Teaching (II)

From the view of the whole world, this is no essential difference in cultivating an excellent person, such as paying out, the strict regulation and requirement and know how to be thankful. Once the parents change their concept, the problem of Chinese educational will have a fundamental change.

These conditions cause the parents don’t care for children’s education:

They think that the children’s education should be relied on school, and not themselves.

They think they are busy so that have no time to care after the children, unable to do what one hopes to do.

They think the parental teaching is vacancy theory, listened very good but have no use in the real life.

They ignore children’s grow up, let nature take its course.

They think the family education is to do homework, school education is to study.

In fact, family education is the education of children’s life growth. It is to let children know how to learn, to be good at learning; to live, to be good at life; to get along, to be acquainted with each other; and to be willing to practice and explore. Family education is the education of the “root” and the education of the “spirit”. Only have “roots” and “good spirits”, the state will be good. In this age, you can hardly educate your children well if you don’t study. Because this age is developed quickly, many people are anxious for success and lack rational thinking and a long-range vision. Parents should start to think about the educational problem, to promote and better themselves for their children, making an example to support children to be a real self.

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