Education for Children

We all hope that our children will be able to make a big difference in their future work and life. But some parents, even if they are very hard-working, can not educate good children. Some parents don’t care about their children at all, and the children who grow up in this kinds of family will never have some achievement and become outstanding. Education for children is very important thing to every parents. In our lives, many parents’ daily practices will make children more and more stupid. Let us have a look about these real cases.

Being friends with Television

When children grow up, they are very interested in the colorful characters and cute cartoon animals on TV. Many parents like to put their children on TV and play with their mobile phones at the same time or do housework so that TV accompany their children to grow up. In the long run, children have become accustomed to have television as a friend, television occupies more of their daily lives. The children with less parents’ concern will pursue fun from Television. The children who watch TV often have difficulty concentration, prefer to run and jump. Colorful TV programs will make them not to be interested in anything else. There is another find as the brain and intelligence development is slow about these children who always watch TV without parents’ concern.

Used to Stay up late

Many parents like to stay up late at night and do not have a regular time for their children about sleep. They often allow their children to play and get excited at night. They do not want to sleep until they are too sleepy to open their eyes and too sleepy to sleep in the dark. After ten o’clock in the evening, it is the time for the children to grow up and increase their intelligence during sleep. However being still playing around this time and in the long run will affects the children’s growth and delays their brain development

Controlling Children whole life

Many parents, who have never fulfilled their wishes and expectations, then hope that everything can be achieved in their children. From the day the child is sensible, These parents give the child special classes such as dance class, calligraphy class, piano class, the Olympic Mathematical class, many speciality classes and so on. Living the child as the shadow you want and never meet the child’s present status. There is no ego in the child’s inner heart, always being what the parents want me to do, then I do. When the child refutes, there is no right.


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