Do You Know About The War of Spartacus(I)

About one of the famous wars on the history is dated back to Spartacus in the Roman. Of course the final result about this war was lost. However, for related historical research, it is very important. The Spartacus’ Uprising (73-71 years ago), also called the war of Spartacus, was the largest slave uprising in the Roman Republic under the leadership of Spartacus. So following introduction will narrate this historical event.check here

Summary about the war of Spartacus

This uprising was the largest one in ancient Rome, and it was also a large-scale slave rebellion in ancient society. It was of great significance in world history.

The Senatus (The organs of government of the slave state in ancient Rome) declared a state of emergency and eventually appointed the slave owner, Marcus Licinius Crassus, to lead the army and suppress the insurgents. In the autumn of 72 B.C.,check here Spartacus’ troops gathered on the Italian Peninsula of Brutium (now Calabria) and were expected to cross the Strait of Messina (Italian: Stretto di Messina) in the pirate ships.

But the pirates did not keep their promises and provided no ships. Under the mad siege of the Roman army, almost 60,000 insurgents died and Spartacus also died during this war.

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