Air Jordan, Really Cool Brand Around The World(I)

Air Jordan, sometimes we call Nike Jordan or Jordan Brand. It is really cool brand of sports shoes around the world. A lot of fans of basketball wearing Air Jordan, play basketball on the court and when these players ‘fly in the sky’ with variety of pose of slam dunk, all audiences will hooray for them. So amazing thing!Click Here For More.

Hi, Air Jordan

Jordan Brand (Air Jordan) is a brand owned by NIKE. Affiliated to NIKE, has independent research and development capabilities, but sales are still in accordance with NIKE’s sales strategy. Jordan Sport series includes Jordan series of basketball shoes, sports training shoes and jersey.

Since Michael Jordan, a great basketball player, entered the NBA and signed a contract with NIKE, his personal superpower has been revealed step by step. The shoes developed by NIKE for Jordan (i.e. Air Jordan 1) have become popular. In addition, at that time, the League banned the appearance of the shoes on the grounds of “incongruity between the shoes and the clothes of the whole team”, and people’s curiosity was aroused, then the most of fans of basketball in America rushed to buy the shoes as “prohibition of Air Jordan 1” in Nike stores.

With the launch of the second generation of Jordan brand, the benefits of the advertising offensively began to emerge, helping Michael Jordan (also NIKE company) establish an image in the sneaker’s market. Make people to realize that Jordan is not only an athlete, but also an artist.


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